Fyrirlestur: Educating the Other -Popular Music Education in Finland

Dr. Lauri Väkevä, prófessor við Sibeliusar Akademiuna í Helsinki flytur fyrirlestur á vegum Rannsóknarstofu í Tónlistarfræðum, við Menntavísindasvið Háskóla Íslands.

Tími: Þriðjudaginn 20. September 2011, kl. 14:00

Staður: Listgreinahús Menntavísindasviðs, Skipholti 37

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Fyrirlesturinn verður fluttur á ensku

Útdráttur á ensku:

This presentation is about music education in Finland, especially about education in ”other musics”, or musics that fall outside Western classical tradition. Various names have been given to “other musics”. These names reveal something of how Finnish music education system is historically built; thus, I will begin from terminological considerations and move on to describe how teaching of the ”other musics” has developed during the last decades, pinpointing especially popular music pedagogy at different levels of Finnish music education system. I also provide an aerial view of the popular music education now and compare the conditions of studying different musical genres in the present day Finnish society. I continue discussing the teaching methodologies used, arguing that there is an didactic openness and room for manoveur in the present field of music education, and that the whole field can benefit from recent research on informal music learning practices.  I continue discussing various possibilties that the system faces, emphasizing the role of general music education in shaping Finnish music scene in the years to come. I also draw parallells to education in the other arts, arguing for the special historical role music appears to have in Finnish cultural policy –, a situation that might not be entirely affirmative.

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